Thanks in part to both the relentless ‘stat me’ threads of 4chan’s /tg/ and other sites, and my incredible potential for obsessive behaviour, I have begun to compile a resource for DMs of (currently) Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 ed who wish to have a character from beyond the 4th wall appear in their campaign. I make no effort to conceal the fact that many of the characters I’ve posted here are from anime and video games – and are therefore weeaboo and unclean – but that is simply a reflection of the nature of the group I presently DM. I will post these characters at the level I believe them to be, on average, and I will post tips on adding and subtracting levels from them to better suit your needs, if I feel inclined to.

If you wish to add characters of your own creation to this site, feel free to submit completed character skeletons underneath the post sporting the genre the character belongs to. Alternate levels and alternate builds of present characters are allowed. Should you wish to add a character from a title not already present, post the skeleton along with the title’s name in the character skeleton page.

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